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About Us

In 2005, after nearly 20 years of designing and building electrical control systems for industrial machines, Dan Winebrenner became interested in working on clocks.  His experience with problem solving and maintaining mechanical and electrical systems for industrial machines helped him to understand the design and theory of clock works.  A long-standing interest in German Cuckoo clocks triggered a desire to learn how they worked. 
     Dan began to investigate how Cuckoo clocks are made and how to repair them.  He spent many hours in researching clock works principles and theory and taught himself how to repair not only Cuckoo clocks but almost any type of clock, electrical and mechanical. 
     In December of 2005 Winebrenner Clock Service, LLC was established as a clock repair business operated out of the Winebrenner home in Holland, Michigan.  On January 1, 2006 Dan left his electrical engineering position and began operating Winebrenner Clock Service, LLC on a full-time basis servicing all types of clocks in the West Michigan area.  He repaired grandfather clocks, mantel clocks, all types of wall clocks including cuckoo clocks, anniversary clocks, even alarm clocks, both antique and modern clocks of all types.  Winebrenner Clock Service soon became an authorized service center for the Howard Miller Clock Company.  
     Dan never lost his fascination for Cuckoo clocks and in January 2010 the decision was made to rent the building at 210 College Avenue in downtown Holland, Michigan.  The Holland Clock Company was formed as a retail outlet for German Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks, German Novelty Clocks, Black Forest Miniature Clocks, Dutch-style Clocks, and other unique Clocks.  On March 1st 2010 the Holland Clock Company opened for business.  In addition to the retail business, Winbrenner Clock Service shares the space at 210 College Avenue and Dan has his repair shop set up there to service all types of clocks, including Cuckoo Clocks. 
Dan's daughter, Veronica and son, Ben helped decorate the interior of the store.

     In July of 2014, Holland Clock Company moved onto 8th Street in downtown Holland, Michigan. The larger store has been able to add new product lines from other companies in Germany. Beer steins, nutcrackers, smokers, and other Christmas items have been added to the shop as well as other styles of Original Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. Dan still does repair at the shop. You can now find Holland Clock Company at 21 East 8th Street.